Requesting for additional information when authorizing through social network

When authorizing with a social network, the CARFRIEND receives limited data from your profile. Part of the data must be filled in manually, to access all the functions of the application.

Making changes to personal data

To make changes to the profile: 1. Push the "More" button
2. My profile
3. Switch to edit mode
4. Update To change the gender, login and date of birth, please contact Technical Support via the feedback form in the application.

Change password

You can change your personal information, including the password, in your personal profile. 1. Push the "More" button
2. My profile
3. Change Password To change the password, you will need to enter the current password.

Password reset

If you want to change the password, but forgot the current one, you need to log out of the account and get a new password on the authorization page, specifying the email address of your account. 1. Push the "More" button
2. My profile
3. Sign out of your account
4. Login with password / Registration
5. Forgot your password? The new password will be generated automatically.

New password doesn't come

The password does not come for two reasons: 1. You have incorrectly entered the email address when you restore the password
2. You have incorrectly entered the address when registering You can change the contact email address in the profile in edit mode.

Accounts moderating

A user account can be unilaterally deleted by the administration in case of violation of the Terms of use and repeated complaints from other users. The account can be locked or deleted without the possibility of recovery. Some reasons for deleting your account:

- spam and false evacuation messages to other users
- distribution of advertising
- aggressive behavior
- Insulting other users
- complaints from other users
- photos of inappropriate content (pornography, insult, racism, etc.) - fake and duplicate accounts
- misleading users
- placement of credit card numbers and accounts to raise funds

Delete account by yourself

In order to protect user data, account deletion is possible only through the application, directly by the account owner. Steps: - log in to the application using the data provided during registration
- go to the "My Profile" screen
- click "Delete account" If you have forgotten the password to log into the application, click the "Forgot password?" button on the login page.

Account blocked

In case of repeated violation of the Terms of Use, we reserve the right to block or delete a user account.
In this case, all user data will be deleted and the possibility of re-registration in the application is blocked.

Account activation

For the full use of the application, you must confirm your credentials. After registration, a welcome letter will be sent to the specified email with an activation link. In case the letter has not arrived, please contact Support via the application. For users registered using the social network, the account is automatically confirmed.

Automatic account deleting

If you have not activated your account, within 30 days from the date of registration, the account will be automatically deleted.

How to change contact email (login)

If you have incorrectly entered your email when registering and want to change it, write to Support via the app and in the message be sure to specify the correct email. Support specialists respond to the email address specified in the profile and in case of an incorrectly indicated address, the letter will not be delivered to you.


Feedback problems

Technical support specialists respond to every message received via the CARFRIEND application.
The message can not be received by the user solely because of an error in the e-mail address or because of the settings of the mail service.

Technical Support Schedule

The technical support service accepts calls from users in 24/7 mode.
We prepare the response to the appeal from 09.00 to 23.00 local time.

Support team doesn't ask to your letter

You sent a question in support and did not receive an answer? There are four reasons for this: 1. Invalid email address in your profile
2. Your email address returns letters
3. A letter from support specialists got into spam
4. There is already a ready answer to the question asked

How to connect with us

You can send a question or suggestion only using the form in the app. In this case, support team will receive information about your phone’s model, the Carfriend app version and the OS version.


Geolocation access

Most functions use the user's location data. For example: - notification about working tow trucks in the parking zone of your car
- search for nearby users
- message filter in the stream
- messages and requests for help We do not use geolocation data for any purpose other than ensuring the operation of the application and do not transfer it to a third party. More in the Terms of use.

Hide the avatar on the map

You can turn off the display of your avatar in the profile. 1. Push the "More" button
2. My profile
3. Display on the map

Geolocation data in push-notifications

Sending of geolocation data allows the addressee to be sure that the received message is reliable. For example, if you report the evacuation of a car, it is easy to verify the authenticity of the message at your location.

Geolocation doesn't work (iOS)

If the application does not detect the geolocation and the map is not working correctly, iPhone users should check the access of the Carfriend app to the geolocation of the phone. 1. Settings -> Carfriend -> Location
2. Settings -> Privacy -> Location services -> Carfriend

Dating & conversation


If we sent to you a message or an urgent notification, but the application is closed, your phone automatically shows a push notification of a new message. You can configure the notification types from the phone menu. Notifications can be completely disabled, but in this case you will not be notified in time in case of emergency, for example, evacuation of your car.
Separately, in the "My profile" section you can turn off notifications for mass evacuations and requests for help from other users.

Publications to the social networks

When you authorizing using a profile on the social network Facebook or VKontakte, we use the minimum required data and save you from having to come up with a username and password.
At the same time, on behalf of the application of CARFRIEND and solely with your permission, we publish information on mass evacuation of cars on your social network page in order to notify the maximum number of users about the danger.
Information is published only in the form of a map of the area with a note on the work of tow trucks.
You can disallow publications in your account settings in the application.

How to send messages

In order to protect users from receiving unwanted information and obsessive messages, correspondence is possible only after the appearance of mutual sympathy.
when viewing the user profile, you can put it. The user will receive an appropriate notification. If he puts a mutual like, you will have a chat room. Personal messages without mutual sympathy are available to users with the status of "Premium".

Displaying users on the map

The map does not show users who have disabled the display in their profile settings.

Adding a status message to the map

You can add a status message in your profile. The message is displayed automatically. 1. Push the "More" button
2. My profile
3. Add a status message

Deleting messages from the newsfeed

You can delete any of your posts. 1. Go to the newsfeed
2. Select the "History" tab
3. Choose needed post and swipe to the left for deleting Records are deleted without the possibility of recovery.

Moderate comments

You can independently moderate comments to your posts in the newsfeed. 1. Open newsfeed 2. Choose "History" label 3. Choose your post
4. Open the comment list
5. Choose needed comment and swipe to the left for deleting

Dating with other users

The logic of dating in the application is configured by the principle of mutual sympathy. You can put it as you like the user, he will receive a notification and see your profile. If sympathy is mutual, you can start communication.
Laik you can put when viewing the user's questionnaire on the People screen, setting the search parameters or from any other screen.

Access to the "People" screen

Access to the "People" screen is only open to users with fully populated profiles and when adding at least one photo.

Missing correspondence with the user

Correspondence with another user disappears from the chat in case your interlocutor broke off sympathy with you.

Unblocking the user in the newsfeed

You can see the list of blocked users and unlock in the settings of your profile. 1. Push the "More" button
2. My profile
3. Blocked users 4. Choose user 5. Swipe to the left and erase user from the list

Moderation of posts in the newsfeed

Posts that contain insults, pornographic images, flood, advertising of goods, services, third-party mobile applications and websites are subject to removal.
With a more detailed list of banned for posting information you can read the Terms of use.
Also, the post is automatically deleted in case of a complaint from 10 users.

Tracking comments

All comments to your posts, as well as responses of other users to comments left by you, you can see on the notification screen in the "Comments" tab.

Searching users by numplates and names

You can use the search string to find the user you are interested in. In the search results, a user profile is displayed with no georeferencing and accurate location information for the user.
We pay attention, that search is carried out only on the data added by users and on automobile numbers in that format in which they are added in application. Carfriend does not sell or distribute the database of the traffic police, telephone base of mobile operators or any other.

How to choose your city

No way. You can not manually select the city of your presence. The application automatically determines your location, if you have allowed us to do this and displays the relevant content. For the convenience of using Newsfeed, select the "Near" tab and see all messages from users within a radius of 100 km. When searching for user profiles, use the filter and you will be shown users in the radius you specified around your current location.


For Premium users, a feature is available to search for people on the map. This function has several limitations for privacy: - detection is possible only in a specific area, without specifying the user's location
- the user can hide his display on the map
- to reveal the location of another user, you must allow your display on the map, including geolocation

Road assistance

Tow-trucks notification

Incorrect parking is not always a deliberate violation. Often, a motorist is inexperienced or in case of urgent need he leaves the car, violating the traffic rules. In this case, the evacuator is sufficient for 5 minutes to complete the offense and loading. In this case, according to an absurd chance, a respectable citizen is forced to spend at least 8,000 rubles and at least 3 hours for the return of the car.
Sending a free message, you will help to avoid problems and, probably, next time you too will be saved.

SOS messages

SOS messages let you quickly notify all users of the application in a certain radius.
Users are sent a push notification with your location, type of problem and feedback form.
Your avatar is highlighted on the map.

SOS message sending

To send SOS message, just click the "Help" button on the "Map" screen. 1. Push the "Map" button
2. "Help" button
3. Select the type of problem The message will be sent automatically with your location indicated according to geolocation data.
If necessary, you can disable receiving help messages from other users in your profile settings.

Premium account


CARFRIEND Premium - advanced version of access to the functions of the application. At the moment when connecting Premium mode, you get: - Unlimited likes - to express their sympathy without restrictions - Second chance - to give someone a chance to prove themselves once again - Locator - find out the location of the interlocutor on the map - Cat in the bag - check the car for VIN without restrictions
The list of additional features is regularly updated and supplemented.
For detailed information on the new features, cost and duration of the subscription, see the app's description in the store.


You can unsubscribe from the "CARFRIEND Premium" in your account settings in App Store or Google Play.
A specific instruction is available in the support of the software manufacturer of your phone, depending on the operating system installed.

Vehicle's check by VIN

Geography of checking

At the moment, checking is only possible for cars registered in the Russian Federation.

Source and reliability of information

Data are collected from official sources. But, sometimes there are situations when some information is missing.
If you have reason to believe that the data is not enough, we recommend that you personally contact the appropriate government agency.

Duration of checking

During collecting information, we turn to various sources and state resources. Sometimes, the answer does not come and in this case, we automatically request a pivot check until the result is obtained.
Data collection can take a maximum of several minutes.

History of checking

Every car check is saved in history.
You can view or clear the history at any time.
Remote information is not subject to recovery.

Check failed

In case the full scan failed because there was no response from the server, you can send the request again without payment.

Coins and currency

What is it?

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