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CARFRIEND - the #1 social network for drivers and pedestrians. Available in more than 57 countries around the world.


We have combined the most requested features in one app. 

Dating in traffic jam and not only

Get yourself a pair according to parameters or just look through the map. Put like and communicate with mutual sympathy!

Interactive map

All users are assembled on one map. You can easily see who is near you who need help or just find new friend.

Stay up to date with events and news

All most new and fresh from users collected in a single newsfeed. Read, comment, create your news and polls. Share experiences and communicate!

Messages for help request

From a puncture to the car theft. Notify all users about the problem and get help! We will automatically send your request and highlight you on the map.

Escape from tow-trucks

Parking violations are expensive. But at times urgently to leave the car in the wrong place is a vital necessity. You Will receive a notifications from the users about the approaching tow trucks and save time and money. 


Check vehicle's VIN number (iOS)

Going to buy a car? Check out his official story! You will receive a detailed report and make an informed decision. The owners, the presence of collateral, the use of a taxi... all the information in one report.

Regions and countries

Decoding of codes of automobile numbers. Full information about the region, the country with the possibility to navigate the route.

With each new version we are expanding the functionality for drivers and pedestrians. If you need any service, please contact us and we will consider the possibilities of its implementation.

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CARFRIEND | Dating and road assistance

about us

Dating by carplates • Road assistance • And more...

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